In memory of Dr. Martha Post

In September, 2011, Doctor Martha Post was murdered outside her medical practice in Lexington, KY.  Yesterday, her murderer was finally found guilty and will no doubt spend the rest of his life behind bars.  Martha’s daughter, Caitlin, was my daughter’s… Read More ›

Back to school

Imprisoned in this little crib (cage) is my beautiful baby daughter, barely 10 mths old. Already she relied upon pacifiers and teddy for comfort. She couldn’t sleep without either one, and many a night I spent relocating her “comforters” so… Read More ›

Upright with Poise and Grace

Recently my therapist recommended me reading Dae Gak’s, Upright with Poise and Grace. While I’m not a practicing Buddhist, there’s so much wisdom I’ve gleaned from this book. Sitting Upright No Matter What Whatever appears Sit upright in it, Neither hoping… Read More ›


Serendipity: a happy accident, a fortunate mistake, finding something of value when you’re not searching for it. In 2001, I strolled through the food court of the student center (University of Kentucky) in search of nothing more than a healthy… Read More ›

Wedding Day

Our wedding, Jan 15, 2005 Each and every day I’m eternally grateful for the life and love we shared. On this date we married, and only then did my life truly begin. I will love you forever, Roger Sidney